Franco-Czech literary evening. Petrkov, Grenoble, Moux…

Franco-Czech literary evening
Petrkov, Grenoble, Moux… through war and authoritarian regimes, four poets write to each other

A literary event will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday 24 October at La Maison de l’International* to celebrate the publication by Éditions Romarin of the book :

Bohuslav REYNEK, Suzanne RENAUD,
Correspondance / Korespondence.

The book, which is in French and Czech and features works by Bohuslav Reynek, will be presented by its publisher (A. Auzimour) and translator (P. Řezníček). With the eighteenth book about Suzanne Renaud and Bohuslav Reynek, Les Éditions Romarin pursues its goal of preserving and shedding light on a literary and artistic heritage that unites two countries, France and the Czech Republic

The Maison de la Poésie Rhône-Alpes will participate in the event with readings of poems and letters by four authors and an homage to Andrée Appercelle by P. Vieuguet. A 1969 Czech television interview with Bohuslav Reynek will conclude the evening.

* Maison de l’International, 1 rue Hector Berlioz, 38000 Grenoble.

Présentation of the book by A. Auzimour and M.-O. Tourmen